3 Ways To Improve Your Car’s Audio

Are you looking to amp up your car’s audio system this fall? Here are three quick and easy ways to improve your car’s audio that won’t disappoint!

#1 Add An Amplifier

Sometimes your car’s speakers just aren’t cutting it. Whether you’re struggling to get crisp and clean audio, or your bass doesn’t rattle enough for those Friday night cruises, there could be a simpler solution other than replacing your entire speaker system. The quality of any car’s audio system can be drastically increased simply by adding an amplifier. Even a small 50 watt amplifier can help put your car’s audio system over the edge, and soon you’ll be hearing people say, “I love the way your car sounds!” (or maybe you won’t be able to hear them).

#2 Set Your Amp Gains Properly

If you have an aftermarket sound system, there’s a chance that it isn’t sounding as great as you’d hoped it would when you had it installed. You’re confused because you didn’t think your new system was supposed to sound this distorted and crunchy. But, there might be a quick fix; just make sure your amp gains are properly adjusted. Many people think that the gain control knob will adjust the overall volume, so naturally they crank this all the way to the max. In fact, the gain control actually adjusts the amount of input signal going to your system, not the volume. To fix this, turn your volume control to about 75%, and then slowly turn your gain knob until you hear distortion. Take it back a few notches, and you’re all set. Every amp is different, so be sure to check your owner’s manual for specific directions.

#3 Add A Subwoofer

Last, but certainly not least, a quality subwoofer can absolutely change the way you listen to music in your vehicle. A good subwoofer can bring in the bottom octave of your music in ways that you’ve never experienced before, giving you cleaner and full sounding audio. You don’t have to listen to loud rap or rock music to enjoy a subwoofer either; you’ll be able to take your bass setting down from +4 or +5 back to 0, which will clean up your audio quality. Once you drive a car with a sub, you’ll never go back.

If you have any questions or if you would like to install any of the above mentioned parts/accessories, give Underground Sound in Cleveland, TN a call today! Our team of professionals will help you take your ride to the next level! See you soon!

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