4 Home Theater Essentials

Few things are better than coming home on a Friday night and being able to watch a movie in your own home theater. Yes, going to the movies is great, but it’s so EXPENSIVE! Taking a family of 4 to the movies can easily put you over $100 these days without even splurging. That’s why a home theater is not only an awesome feature to have in a home, it’s also a wonderful investment! Convinced? Us too. So what products should you use to set your home theater apart from everyone else’s? Here are four:

1. A 1080p Projector

Less than a decade ago, purchasing a projector was almost out of the question for anyone with a small budget. Most good projectors would run you $2,000-$3,000 just for the machine. In 2018, it’s much easier to find a great projector for under $700, but you have to be careful. Many projectors advertise “HD 1080p compatibility,” but that doesn’t mean they’re actually HD. Lots of these projectors are “Native 720p,” which means they don’t actually project in HD, and nowadays that just isn’t acceptable. When you’re buying your projector, make sure it’s NATIVE 1080p or higher.

2. Amazon Fire TV Stick

There are lots of ways to do away with cable these days, but the option that best combines cost effectiveness with function is the Amazon Fire Stick. The device is just a tad bigger than a flash drive and plugs right into the HDMI port of your TV or Projector. Comparable to an Apple TV or a Google Chromecast, the Fire Stick gives you access to thousands of applications and streaming options, as well as an internet browser and Amazon Prime access. You can go grab one now on amazon.com for $39.99.

3. LED Wall Sconces

Decorative wall sconces are an essential for theater lighting. Pick up 4 to 8 of these dimmable LED lights to really spice up the home theater look. When getting LED Wall Sconces, make sure you pick up the lights that are dimmable. This way, you can use a remote to automatically bring the lights down right at showtime (or if the horror movie that everyone else wanted to watch gets a little too scary).

4. HD Surround Sound System

High quality surround sound is an absolute must when putting in your home theater. Without it, you may as well scrap the whole project. Think about every time you’ve been to the movies; the big screen is awesome, but it’s the sound that really makes the experience so worthwhile.

At Underground Sound, we can install the perfect home theater sound system for any budget, to make sure you’ll get the absolute best out of your new home theater. Give us a call today to upgrade your next movie night!

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