6 Items To Add To Your Christmas List Today

1. Sweet Garage Extension Cord


Have you ever been working on a project and needed a tool or a light extended to where you were working, but there were no outlets close by to plug in? Check out this retractable extension cord. No more mishaps or headaches because you couldn’t see well enough or because you couldn’t use the right tool. Upgrade your garage this year with this sweet garage extension cord that won’t disappoint!


2. Garage Golf Club Organizer


Are you or is someone in your family an avid golfer? Golfing is a great sport, but oftentimes a golf bag can become cumbersome and can clutter up a garage. What if you could neatly organize your golf equipment in your garage in a way that looks great and is easy to access? Well now you can! Check out this awesome garage golf organizer this Christmas!


3. Car Cleaning Supplies


There is nothing quite like a clean car. Clean windows. Clean wheels and tires. Clean interior and exterior. Oftentimes, car washes over price a less than mediocre wash that only keeps its shine for a couple days. If you or someone you know takes pride in cleaning and detailing their own vehicles, this supply set is right up your alley.


4. Projector 4K


Home theaters are becoming increasingly popular today. There are a ton of options and accessories out there for home theaters such as surround sound speaker installations and top of the line projectors such as this 4K Sony Video Projector. Take your movie nights or your football parties to the next level with this 4K Sony Video Projector this year. You won’t regret it!


5. Surge Protector High Powered


Electronics are awesome. Storms are not awesome. When electronics are ruined because of lightning and storms, things are really not awesome. Instead of risking your expensive electronics to storm and lightning damage, protect them with this super duty surge protector!


6. Accent Pillows For Home Theater


Decorating is fun! If you have a home theater or even a bonus room where the family loves to hangout during football season or when an awesome Christmas movie is on, check out these cinema personalized accent pillows. Give your entertainment area a little something extra that accentuates the overall look and feel of the space you are creating. Check them out this year!  


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