3 Easy Life Hacks

Life can get pretty crazy, hard at times. Sometimes it would be nice to catch a break it seems. We can’t make life easier, but we can share these three super easy life hacks that may save you time, money, and worry in the future.


1. Rice, Rice Baby


life hack


Have you ever dropped your phone in water? If you have, good chances are that you have experienced the crippling anxiety that follows as soon as the phone submerged. Maybe it was in a cup of water. It could have been at the pool or in the ocean. Or it even could have been in a toilet – gross!


Regardless of how you accidentally expose your phone to water, you know that it needs to be removed as quickly as possible. So whether you dive into the water or stick your hand in the commode, you make sure to retrieve it fast. But then what? You may assume that your phone is ruined, and it might be. But there is one trick that you could try before you count it out for good.


When you get home, open a bag of dry, uncooked rice and pour it into a bowl. Submerge your phone in the rice. Let it sit for several hours or overnight and come back to see if the rice was able to pull the excess water out of the nuts and bolts of the phone. Good luck!


2. Plastic Magic



Have you experienced the embarrassment of standing in line at the grocery store or at a department store and having your card say declined when you know that there is money in your account? Has an attendant ever told you that your card couldn’t be processed by their card reader? You’re not alone. In fact, this is quite common with older cards that don’t have a chip.


A good trick to try when you find yourself in this predicament is to grab a plastic bag. Yes, a plastic bag. Put your card inside the plastic bag and pull the bag snuggly against the card where you can see through the plastic. Now, have the attendant try to scan your card again. Don’t ask us how this works, but it does! Good luck!


3. Brain Power


life hack


In recent years, an urban legend surfaced saying that if you hold your key fob to your head or chin, you can lock and unlock your car from further away. As bizarre as it sounds, this might actually work! Now, you won’t be able to unlock or lock your car from 2 miles away, but if you hold the key fob to your head or chin while pressing the desired lock or unlock button, you may add two or three car lengths to your overall range.


To attempt an explanation of this, your head acts as a satellite. It is actually a pretty insane conductor. So in other words, your brain power will help lock and unlock your doors. It’s that simple. Crazy, we know! Try it out and let us know if it works for you or not. 


If you are standing within normal range of your vehicle and your key fob or remote start isn’t working properly, there could be a technical issue going on with the mechanics or connection of the remote itself. We would be happy to take a look at it and get it working properly going forward. Just stop by our shop or give us a call.


If you know of any other cool life hacks, please feel free to share! We would love to hear about your experiences. 

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