2 Ways To Make Sure Your Ride Is Ready For Summer Fun

The temperatures are getting warmer outside and you know what that means. It’s almost that top down, doors off, river heading, sunglass wearin’ time of year again. If you’re lucky enough to live in the South, it’s pretty hard to beat the sunny and 75 degree days that are sure to come. Check out these two ways that you can make sure your ride is ready to meet and surpass your summer expectations. 


Beef Up Your Sound System


Regardless of what you drive, from a 98 Toyota Corolla to a 2019 Mustang GT with a Super Snake GT hood and body kit, good chances are you want your ride looking and sounding as good as possible this summer. We can’t blame you.


After all, what beats having your family and friends pile into your car, truck, or SUV with a killer sound system and the newest accessories on the market? Just about nothing. Well, pie. Pie is pretty stellar. But, pie has nothing to do with your ride this summer. It has nothing to do with your social status, and it sure won’t make people jealous. But, we know what will.


So, after the first time your friends sing, “Living On A Prayer”, at the top of their lungs to the clearest sounding version possible, good chances are that your ride will be the transportation hub for the rest of the summer. Not a bad gig, right? We didn’t think so. After all, there’s far worse predicaments to be in compared to having the baddest sound system in your group and a little gas money. But, it’s a big responsibility to live up to. You have big shoes to fill and expectations to be met. Are you ready?


So, let’s picture this for a moment. You and your friends are heading to wherever your destination is. A sporting event. A concert. The river. The drive-in movies. You know your people, and you have your spot. Let’s say that your spot is the river.


Big plans are in store for your weekend. BBQ, swimming, and a Yeti filled with whatever makes your clock tick. Instead of sacrificing music for the outdoors, mesh them. Now, there are plenty ways to do this wrong. Way wrong. You may have even witnessed this kind of debauchery at least once. It’s painful, actually. 


For example, leaving your windows down or doors off with a less than stellar stock radio blaring blurry, broken up versions of your favorite hits makes for a lame party. Instead, make sure your party rolls on smoothly and crisply. Static is out. Smooth is in. Way in.


So, while you enjoy a refreshing beverage and a juicy hamburger or hot wing, soak up the sunshine and Styx…or whatever floats your boat. Post Malone, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and AC/DC will also suffice for this. Now, everyone at the river knows where the real action is. Hopefully you brought extra burgers, drinks, and suntan lotion cause you’re going to need them.


Get Your Windows Tinted 


Let’s say that the contents of your Yeti and suntan lotion are running pretty low at this point in the day. It’s been a good day. It’s about time to start wrapping up and get headed back. If you have leather interior, you may already know the excruciating experience of sitting down on and sticking to your leather seats on a 90 degree day. Not good. Not good at all.


The last thing that you want your guests to experience is a BBQ’d backend. But how can you keep your vehicle cool during the day? You may have tried to park in the shade earlier when you arrived. However, the sun has a habit of moving during the day. So, your vehicle that once was in the shade may be in direct sunlight now. (Or it may have been for hours at this point!) Ouch!


Aside from roasting your friends backsides, an extremely hot interior of your vehicle can do some damage to stored belongings. For example, when temperatures reach over 120 degrees, purses with makeup and lotion can melt causing a nasty mess, and bottled beverages in plastic containers can explode from expansion and built-up pressure. No good.


One quick and easy way to help keep the interior of your vehicle cooler on hot summer days is to tint your windows. Believe it or not, tinting your windows offers more protection than just for your eyes. Tinting your windows actually helps block UV rays from penetrating your vehicle’s interior. In fact, you can lower the overall temperature of your vehicle’s interior by up to 40% with a well-done window tint job.


OK, back to the story. You and your friends pile into your climate controlled vehicle (because you have tinted windows and you also have a remote start installed that already cooled the car down) ready for a comfortable, fun ride back home. The trip doesn’t have to end quietly! Let the party continue all the way home with some awesome tunes to end your day. Unless you’re all worn out. At which point silence may be a wonderful and well-deserved sound.


Claim Your Title


If this sounds like a summer that you may enjoy, give us a call. We specialize in custom sound system installs, window tinting and wraps, remote start installs, and so much more. We’re pretty much your one stop shop for getting your ride ready to take on this summer’s bucket list. So, what are you waiting for? Be the man or the woman this summer. We will see you soon!


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